North American HunterAll of our products speak directly to passionate hunters. Whether they’re in the woods searching for that trophy buck or planning their next big hunting trip, being in the know is a priority. They look to us to get the inside track on all things hunting.

Our engaged relationship with members is unmatched by traditional media entities. We know what our readers want to hear and we deliver this through a number of timely multi-media channels.

Our Success Stories

North American Hunter"We believe the visitors that came from this effort were much more pre-qualified to become a repeat visitor. The month following this campaign with Inside Track we were able to see a noticeable lift in repeat users of our website. Page views, time on site, etc. many of our KPI's increased across the board."
Ryan McNeary,

We appreciate Inside Track mentioning Cabela's and linking to site. Inside Track's targeted audience of hunters is ripe with customers and potential customers."
Chris Sprangers, Cabela's Marketing and Brand Manager

How We Connect

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Who We Are Reaching
  • 68% Have taken action as a result of something they read in a NAH editorial product.
  • 88% Hunted in the past year, on average 38 days in the field.
  • 66% Rank as advanced/expert.
  • 96% Hunted big game in the past 12 months*.
  • 66% Bowhunt.
  • They spent an average of $675 on hunting gear/equipment in the past 12 months and $1,6101 on overnight hunting trips in the past 24 months.
  • 51% Own/lease hunting land. An average of 469 acres.

Source: 2010 Subscriber Study, Readex
* Base: Those who hunted in the last 12 months
1 Base: Those who took an overnight hunting trip last 24 months

See media kits for detailed source information.

Engagement Factor

In a recent survey, our members have proven that despite current economic constraints, they are engaged and passionate about their hobbies.

94% Stated that, "I need at least one leisure hobby or pursuit that can take my mind off the economy. I’ll find other ways to economize."

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