North American HunterAll of our products speak to avid fishermen who take their passions seriously. Whether they’re on the water or planning their next big fishing trip, they look to us for the inside line on the latest gear, equipment, travel tips and techniques.

Our engaged relationship with members is unmatched by traditional media entities. We know what our readers want to hear and we deliver this through a number of timely multi-media channels.


Our Success Stories

North American Hunter" The viral reaction was set off by your members like we’ve never seen. The message immediately started showing up on websites, blogs, internet forums — it was amazing. The reaction was that in the first 11 hours following your announcement, we were getting more members per MINUTE than we normally do per day."
Teeg Stouffer, Recycled Fish

"The feature in North American Fishing Club was a great success! The article represented our foundation in a positive and accurate light. The message supported our mission to find donors for our cause. It was very exciting to see such a quick response from anglers across the nation willing to help us continue our programs that develop the next generation of anglers- the future stewards of our aquatic resources. Thank you North American Fishing Club for your support. It has generated enthusiasm for the future of fishing across the country."
Teresa Rodriguez and Anne Danielski, The Future Fisherman Foundation

"We have worked with the team at North American Fisherman for years. Not only are they strong and effective advocates for their clients, our partnership with them provides us a great return on investment. We have also been very pleased with our recent online campaign. It has helped to add a new dimension to the relationship with club members and the results have been very positive."
Kelly Brockpahler, Rapala

How We Connect

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Who We Are Reaching
  • 97% Have fished in the last 12 months averaging 57 days on the water.
  • 97% Rank themselves as intermediate/advanced fishermen.
  • 84% Use hard baits and/or soft plastics.
  • 61% Have taken an overnight fishing trip in the last 24 months spending an average of $1,270.
  • 70% Purchased new fishing gear, apparel or equipment in the past 24 months spending an average of $566.
  • 70% Own at least one boat.

Source: 2010 Subscriber Study, Readex

See media kits for detailed source information.

Engagement Factor

In a recent survey, our members have proven that despite current economic constraints, they are engaged and passionate about their hobbies.

92% Stated that, "I need at least one leisure hobby or pursuit that can take my mind off the economy. I’ll find other ways to economize."

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