North American HunterOur products speak to green thumb doers, dreamers and everyone in between. Their gardens are the envy of the block. They literally dig in to achieve beautiful living environments no matter what their skill level. To retain their "most beautiful" status, they look to us for how-to tips, product reviews and timely seasonal advice.

Our engaged relationship with members is unmatched by traditional media entities. We know what our readers want to hear and we deliver this through a number of timely multi-media channels.

Our Success Stories

North American Hunter"What a nice surprise to learn that Comfort Grips was featured in your Gardening Club of America E-Newsletter! It looked great, boosted our sales, and put another feather in our cap for next spring's marketing! Thank you North American Membership Group!"
BeckyStegner, Comfort Grips

"Thank you for the feature in Gardening Club of America's E-Newsletter Extra Dirt. Due to the exposure we saw a dramatic jump in traffic to our website. This spike in traffic has been seen for over a week now. The new visitors to our site have turned into sales and during these tough times this was a great success."
Susan Judelle Hufford, Sunrise Seeds

How We Connect

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  • Gardening How-To Magazine
Who We Are Reaching
  • 89% Have taken action as a result of reading a NHGC editorial product.
  • 97% Participated in gardening in the last 12 months. Their average garden size is 1,626 square feet.
  • 87% Rank their gardening skill level as intermediate/advanced.
  • 82% Are consulted by friends/family for gardening advice.*
  • They spend an average of 9.2 hours per week gardening.
  • 71% Shop at a garden center or nursery for plants, seeds, shrubs, trees, etc.
  • 52% Participate in organic gardening.*
  • Spend an average of $565 on lawn/garden maintenance items.1

Source: 2011 Subscriber Study,GfK MRI Market Solutions
*Base: Those who participated in gardening in the last 12 months
1Base: Those who purchased lawn/garden maintenance items in the last 12 months

See media kits for detailed source information.

Engagement Factor

In a recent survey, our members have proven that despite current economic constraints, they are engaged and passionate about their hobbies.

89% Stated that, "I need at least one leisure hobby or pursuit that can take my mind off the economy. I’ll find other ways to economize."

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