North American HunterAll of our products speak directly to the everyday gourmet — helping them become better more accomplished cooks. From simple scratch cooking to exotic dishes, our products represent reader-driven content.

Our engaged relationship with members is unmatched by traditional media entities. We know what our readers want to hear and we deliver this through a number of timely multi-media channels.

Our Success Stories

North American Hunter"We love the passion of the Cooking Club members and their loyalty to products that they see in the magazine. We need to communicate with this audience, as they are clearly "influencers" who can spread the word about our current products or new products. A solid return on our advertising investment."

"The combination of multi-media assets, print and live events, has been what we like about the Cooking Club of America. In addition to a niche target of cooking enthusiast, it has been a perfect fit for our brand. We utilized focus groups at the live events and got some great grass roots data that would have taken a lot in research budget to garner."
Brittanie Stewart, Specialty Brands, Alberto-Culver

How We Connect

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  • Dedicated E-newsletter
  • Club E-newsletter
  • Cooking Club Magazine
Who We Are Reaching
  • 89% Have taken action as a result of reading a CCOA editorial product.
  • 73% Have entertained friends or relatives at home in the past 12 months.
  • Average prep time per meal is 2.0 hours.
  • 91% Cook for fun or bake.
  • 85% Dine out.
  • 62% Garden.
  • 71% Maintain a healthy diet.

Source: 2010 Subscriber Study,GfK MRI Market Solutions.

Engagement Factor

In a recent survey, our members have proven that despite current economic constraints, they are engaged and passionate about their hobbies.

88% Stated that, "I need at least one leisure hobby or pursuit that can take my mind off the economy. I’ll find other ways to economize."

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